Welcome to Mellie Productions

Welcome to Mellie Productions. Our company is a modern production company, we are working together to create a more up to date version of the N'Sync music video for their song 'Gone' which was released in 2001, making it just over 10 years old.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Testing Digpak Ideas

Digipak- First Draft

For part of our coursework we have to produce 2 ancillary texts, one being a digipak and the other a magazine advert from the digipak. We have to research digipaks and gain knowledge on the common types of conventions and also to gain ideas for what to do for our own digipak.
We are doing a boyband song and therefore need to look at current and past band digipaks.
This is our first draft of the front panel.

We have done a number of shoots and i took pictures at these that we could possibly use for our covers and back. We have decided what we what to put the picture in black and white, this reflects the video and parts of that are shot in black and white and also is common for a slow boyband track. The original video is entirely shot in black and white. The idea to have the boys on the moor was partly ease as we where there shooting and also the background of a grey sky reflects the mood of sadness from the video. 
We wanted to have the boys spaced apart so that they fill the picture. A sticker has been placed in the bottom left corner so that it doesn't interrupt the image and it is done in a deep purple to stand out from the black and white. The purpose of the sticker is to highlight that it is a digipak and that the video is for 'Gone'. 

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