Welcome to Mellie Productions

Welcome to Mellie Productions. Our company is a modern production company, we are working together to create a more up to date version of the N'Sync music video for their song 'Gone' which was released in 2001, making it just over 10 years old.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Footage, and Changes to our production being made

This is very similar to the one featured on my blog, however i just thought i would place it on our production blog, in order to show changes to our production. 

Recently Mel and I made the mistake of unfortunately not backing up our work, on the editing we had done with our footage, which resulted in us loosing our editing when the Lacie drive on the mac broke. This has meant we have had to transfer everything back on to Final Cut and re-edit our work. 

Music Video 
We are going to have to hand a final cut to be marked roughly on Friday this week, however the footage we are going to be handing in will not show the true potential of our performance, as we have not yet been able to re-film our previous performance, as we have had problems with casting, however we have now got a full cast and we know this is cutting it fine but we are hopefully filming our performance either Monday or Tuesday next week. 

So the performance in our cut we are giving in on Friday will not be the performance we are going to use for the Complete Final cut, but will show the locations we are going to use so far however we have decided to use one other location when we re-film. The clothes are going to be different, and more sophisticated as we have added more control to our part in this production now, and our new cast members will be taking the shot more seriously. There will be some more group shots for the performance, and some more camera angles and shots both for the narrative and performance. 

Unfortunately in the ending to our video has not yet been filmed, we are planning on using a final part of the narrative as our ending which is the grave scene, where we are hinting the girls death from the narrative as our ending. So the ending for the cut getting handed in will not be our actual ending.  There will also be another narrative flashback in our complete piece which will be a scene where our couple are feeding the ducks.  We are also filming this next week. 

We are going to be using more layering techniques in our complete final cut, than what will be shown in the cut handed in on Friday. We have done a section of layering for our bathroom, mirror scene to show what we are hoping to place in the complete cut. There will also be more  effects added in our complete cut. 


As for the Digipak being handed in, this will be our rough idea but the band members and pictures used will clearly be different in our final digipak. As we have changed the cast since this picture was taken. The back picture will be different, we are going to have the back panel as the band with there backs to us, however this will not be shown in the rough one handed in on Friday, as we forgot to take the pictures of there back to us when filming our previous performance. 

Mag Ad. 

We are going to use a water scene for the Mag Ad but this picture has not yet been taken so will not be present on the one handed in on Friday. We are hoping to show a generation change, through the water, with the reflection being either the new generation or the previous generation from when N'SYNC were first around, we have not yet decided on this. As we are going to have a 10 year reunion Mag Ad, showing a new generation advertising our digipak maybe. 

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  1. as discussed in class today, stop thinking of this particular blog as in any way school-related! so, no comments like 'This is very similar to the one featured on my blog, however i just thought i would place it on our production blog, in order to show changes to our production.'