Welcome to Mellie Productions

Welcome to Mellie Productions. Our company is a modern production company, we are working together to create a more up to date version of the N'Sync music video for their song 'Gone' which was released in 2001, making it just over 10 years old.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Digipak Idea 1

We have been sitting down and talking to our media teacher. We have come up with a rough idea for our Digipak, however we have not yet put this idea together on photoshop or anything to see if this works just yet. 

So there is a relationship between the front and the back of our Digipak we are thinking of have a picture of all the band maybe standing on the Moors or maybe sat on some rocks we haven't yet decided. Then for the back cover maybe have the same image but this time from the back, so they have their backs facing us. We got this idea from a Linkin Park Digipak for "Minuets To Midnight". 

We also liked the idea of having them looking in the water and then maybe because it has been almost 10 years since our band N'Sync split have them looking in the water wearing clothes maybe they wore in the late 90's when they were popular
and then on the back have them looking in the water wearing clothes they would wear now, showing the time passing and the new generation of N'sync. 

As there has already been a N'sync Greatest Hits we are looking at naming our Digipak maybe something along the lines of N'sync 'The Hits' or N'sync 'Best Of' and then just include the songs which were made hits. 
We are thinking about having a pull out of a lyric sheet maybe, or a pull out sheet of information on the band maybe where they are today. Or a sheet with picture from behind the scenes or something along those lines. 

For the inside panels of the Digipak we are thinking of having something that links to the narrative so maybe the grave yard location and then super impose the band members into the shot, or different flashback scenes cropped and then merged together. 
Below is an example of a superimposed image on a Digipak : 

We are not yet decided whether we would like a 2 panel digipak : 

Or we may be using 3 Panel Digipak we have not yet decided : 

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