Welcome to Mellie Productions

Welcome to Mellie Productions. Our company is a modern production company, we are working together to create a more up to date version of the N'Sync music video for their song 'Gone' which was released in 2001, making it just over 10 years old.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


After our disruptions of filming in the Christmas holidays we drew up a new plan for filming.

Last Friday we filmed what we hopefully want to be our performance footage for our music video, to do this we filmed in several outside locations including The Swing Bridge, The Ilkley Moors and around Ilkley Tarn. We used four boy member for our boy band who were James Crowther, Jack Hanson, Temour  Ahmed and Mathew Frost.

Yesterday we then filmed some of our narrative for the music video, which we based around a couple and his life without her after she has gone. We are hoping to show this part through various flashbacks. 
However we had to film with two cameras a HD one and a Normal Camera as we filmed our performance with a normal camera due to their being no HD ones around, we had to film with both just in case there was a massive difference, this way we still have the footage and we can avoid re-shoots if there did appear to be a massive difference. 
Even though we have filmed most of our narrative we still have at least two more scenes to film for this part which involves our last scene. 

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