Welcome to Mellie Productions

Welcome to Mellie Productions. Our company is a modern production company, we are working together to create a more up to date version of the N'Sync music video for their song 'Gone' which was released in 2001, making it just over 10 years old.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Setting & Location Update

For our performance we are going to mainly be using settings around Ilkley including : 

  • The Moors
  • The Swing Bridge 
  • The River 
  • Ilkley Park .. Maybe 
  • Ilkley Tarn .. etc 
  • Cow and Calf Rocks 
All of these locations are very scenic especially the Moors and The Cow And Calf Rocks, they are very quiet locations and The Moors have different parts to film on. We got the idea from filming on the Moors from last years video by Emmie and Megan Backstreet Boys "As Long As You Love Me" as this location seemed to have worked very well and was also included on the digi pak. 

For the narrative we are going to be using Sophie Dixon's house which is situated in Ilkley. We are also going to use others locations such as: 
  • The Grave Yard .. Probably not going to be in the Grave Yard but maybe outside the gates
  • The Park .. This will be used maybe as a flashback to show how they first met. 

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